About Us

Summit Property Buyers is a family-operated business located in Little Rock, Arkansas. We works closely with a team of local and nation wide Real Estate professionals that include Realtors and investors. This gives us direct access to the expertise to find solutions for our clients when they tell us “I need to sell my house fast!” We understand that when you are selling a home that it isn’t just a financial decision, but an emotional one as well. We strive to be understanding of each individual customers needs, and to fully understand the situation that they are needing a resolution to. Our business has been built on a strong foundation of Trust and Respect. This has served both us and our customers very well creating an atmosphere of integrity while offering solutions that are win-win.

As Central Arkansas premiere home-buyers, Summit Property Buyers has had the blessing of assisting many sellers with getting out of difficult situations and moving on with their life. We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like probate, foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, or any other situations that might cause distress. As experienced and professional home buyers in Little Rock and the surrounding areas, we have built a system that makes selling a home streamlined and fast. We have encountered many different situations in this business and if we can’t directly find a solution for you needs, we will assist you in finding someone who can. When you sell your home to us we will work with you to create a win-win solution. Our customers are very happy to get cash in their hands after a quick close.


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How We Work With Homeowners

Our process is simple. Once you contact us, we will gather some information on the property that you are looking to sell and get to know each other a little. If it is a property that we feel we can provide a win-win solution to, we will set up a time to come out and look at it. We will provide you a written offer on the property and if you agree, we will open escrow. Just that easy! If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


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About The Owner

Eric Metz was introduced to Real Estate at an early age. As a child, Eric’s mother was a Real Estate broker in North Little Rock, AR. This gave Eric some early insights into Real Estate during the “booming years” of realty. After high school, Eric served in the United States Army for four years. Saving his money during a tour in Iraq, Eric would invest in his first commercial real estate deal upon getting out of the military. While working in a fortune 100 company, Eric was blessed by getting to work with two different real estate investors. These investors were some of the “big players” on a global level. Eric became very educated on many aspects of Real Estate from an investor point of view. Later, one of these investors would serve as a mentor to Eric. After a few years of “corporate America,” Eric felt the need to change his career to better serve others. Eric became nationally certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. While employed as an EMT at an ambulance service in central Arkansas, Eric started We Buy Houses Arkansas. Eric’s primary focus today is offering his customers an honest service that creates win-win solutions when selling their home. Eric still works closely with local EMS and currently plans to continue as an EMT from time to time since it is a passion of his

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